I'm a french developper myself and i'm very fun of civilization 2 and freeciv.
I've developped myself a "mod" for freeciv on animations about harlock, cobra,
UFO Robot (see at my website http://actarus1...@free.fr for more information
unfortunately in french language) and i want to improve it.

I've noticed perhaps a minor bug into the new editor of your new version
Freeeciv-2.1.0-beta1-win32-gtk2-setup.exe on Windows Vista :

Freeciv new game don't start if you add some new units into units.ruleset
(even if you keep the same units graphics).
So i can't use the freeciv editor to add my own new units.
In the previous version it works but there were no editor.

2) It seems there a not possibilities to include one or more music during all
the game play with a possiblity of repeating music.

3) it's difficult to add some own or new pictures in screen of the game to "make
more living" the game and more "human".

I've also new ideas for you :

1)You could add pictures (static only) for message to a player (for exemple
into the tutorial for each message add the picture of the unit or a potrait of a
people speaking) but also into the menu for each nation ambassade like
civilization 2 to "see" the dirigent of the nation (jules cesar ....).

I hope you could bring my ideas into you new version of freeciv.

Best regards
Christophe alias actarus1969

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