Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1413 (project freeciv):

I don't have anything against the new policy, but I feel like I need to bring
up a related point.

I find it hard to play as, or against, nations that have unpronounceable
names all over. I understand that we want to keep a certain amount of
historical accuracy, and I'm all for that, but when a leader title is not
much more than a translation of 'president' into the native tongue (which
tends to be pretty exotic, with names that have 5+ consecutive consonants and
the like) I have a very hard time saying that in my head, and therefore
remembering that name, whether its the name of a city, leader, or title. Its
nice to be able to know what government a nation is in by the title, but I
don't know that when the title is extremely esoteric and unpronounceable. I
can't keep track of which city is which if I can't even begin to pronounce
the word in my head, most of the time I remember my own cities by some
combination of letters rather than the name because the name makes no sense
to me.


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