Le samedi 16 janvier 2010 à 15:50 +0100, Pepeto a écrit :
> There is still no answer from Freeciv administrators...

Still no answer.  Attaching some old comment by Marko:

Le jeudi 09 juillet 2009 à 22:29 +0300, Marko Lindqvist a écrit :
Keeping clients in a compiling state is not thta much work, typically
> just search and replace. At least they exist if somebody steps up and
> starts actie development on some of them, like cproc did with 2.1 SDL
> client.
> Developers and hardcore players usually prefer GTK client for its
> feature completeness.SDL client has large user base among average
> players for its much better look.
> IIRC some old versions of Windows cannot use gtk or sdl client, only
> native client. There might be other portability issues in providing
> any one client to some platforms.
> Support for multiple clients has served us well in the past. That
> allowed us to develop gtk client and later gtk2 client so that they
> were eventually made default client. Had we decided that we will
> maintain only the best client of the time, we would still be using xaw
> client.
> All that said, we could consider level of maintenance for each client.
> FTWL has been inactive project for a long time.
>  - ML

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