Follow-up Comment #7, bug #15041 (project freeciv):

> In this case, shouldn't we consider adding a new key to free the orders of
the selected units?

I have been wondering about that for a while. I do go through the focus unit,
[SPACE], re-focus unit, [W] rigmarole to clear a unit's orders/activity and
get it back on the available list without actually committing to an order
there and then; but I thought that might just be me procrastinating. Do you
do the same thing?

Currently we have [W] which will dismiss a busy unit without disturbing it,
and [SPACE] which will clear a busy unit's orders and also remove it from the
list of unit awaiting orders. What we don't have is a key which clears the
unit's orders and puts it on the list of units awaiting orders.

Clearly we need the ability to do the first and third things. I'm not
convinced the second is useful. So, I think we only really *need* two keys,
and adding yet another key to all the clients is (a) one more thing to
remember (b) a dreadful faff.

We could change [SPACE] so that for busy units it doesn't dismiss them
entirely (requiring another [SPACE] to do that), or we could swap the
function of [W] and [SPACE] for busy units.


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