Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15215 (project freeciv):

I normally don't play scenarios. I knew about this maps due to my search for
freeciv to find find this project.

The main differences between both maps can be found in the README file:

> So, I:
> - added plenty of nations, with their more or less historical
>   starting location
> - used only, or almost only, nations older of at least one 
>   millenary. There are a few exceptions but it is just because
>   the original peoples these exceptions are coming from are
>   not available
> - modified a bit the trees/hills/icy areas in order to look
>   more realistic (amazonia with a small jungle seemed strange,
>   one could also wonder why vikings have gone pirates if there
>   was no ice on the north of europe, etc) and also to balance 
>   starting location (harsh on the area where a civilisation is
>   almost alone)

The most important one for the map is the last point. This map is more
realistic but harder as one has to change the terrain (lots of jungle or
arctic). For the game play I think that due to the nation selection this map
is more balanced.

I hope this helps ...


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