Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1433 (project freeciv):

Changes in attached patch:
* Settle on a consistent order for help items (which is different from any
order yet seen); rearranges helpdata.txt massively but doesn't change the
* Standardise some topic names:
** Playing => Strategy and Tactics
** Wonders => Wonders of the World
** ZOC => Zones of Control
** Citizen Management => Citizen Governor
** Ruleset => About Ruleset
** About => About Freeciv
* Add some topics that were missing from some clients:
** gui-win32: About Ruleset
** gui-xaw: About Ruleset, Citizen Governor, Worklist Editor
* Stop trying to maintain unique keyboard shortcuts for every Help menu item
in the win32 and gtk-2.0 clients. By the time I'm finished there'll be at
least 23 topics, and I only have 26 letters; I couldn't quite find a unique
set of accelerators that fitted, and even if I could, probably translators
could not (these appear to be translated strings). I don't believe you need
to access the help that fast. If that's wrong, I think we'll need submenus.

(file #7889)

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