Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1420 (project freeciv):

Creole leader names is a good idea. I didn't do it at first because I figured
French names would be more recognizable, but on the other hand the same goes
for city names.

I've changed Duvaliers name to 'Papa Doc' Duvalier (or rather 'Papa Dok'
Divalye). I think he's better known under his nickname than under his real
one, so I figured it'd be better to leave Papa Doc and drop his first name.

Simone Duvalier's last names were in the wrong order, I've changes it to
Simone Ovide Divalye.

And Aristide is still alive, but he's the only one, and the guidelines allow
for one living leader (IMO it'd be better to drop that rule though and place
no restrictions on living leaders).

I've attached the new version.

Oh, and while we're at it. I've made a nation for Dominican Republic as well.
How should I call it? 'Dominican' already exist for Dominica. Would just
'Dominican Republic' do?

(file #7896)

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