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                 Release:                     2.3 => 2.2.0                  
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Follow-up Comment #5:

restore loading of known owner map (foggedborders option)

in savegame.c the following check is done before loading map information:

  if (secfile_lookup_int_default(file, -1, "game.fogofwar") != -1
      && game.info.fogofwar == TRUE
      && -1 != total_ncities
      && secfile_lookup_bool_default(file, TRUE, "game.save_private_map")) {

The first check will fail due to the fact that fogofwar is saved as bool
(TRUE / FALSE string).

Does somebody can explain to me the use of
game.server.save_options.save_private_map? game.h states:

bool save_private_map; /* FoW map; will be created if not saved */

but there seems to be no use of this variable at all (not in any scenario; it
defaults to TRUE)

(file #7907)

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