Follow-up Comment #9, bug #15001 (project freeciv):

> Swamp are not tropical, they can be anywhere, I think that's a
> mistake to set a such property for them. 
> Why civ1 and civ2 ruleset does have the same changes?

I did consider swamps as 'tropical' terrain and therefore also changed these
rulesets. After I looked into the wikipedia I found that swamps are also
possible in colder areas. As example I found the Great Vasyugan Mire (see with an average temperature of
-1.1°C. So swamps are possible within NFROZEN terrains.

The changes to the terrain.ruleset file are results from checking the debug
output of pick_terrain(). If this function has to drop the prefer and avoid
requirements for a lot of tiles something seems to be wrong. The main debug
line I got, was

pick_terrain(target: MG_FOLIAGE, [dropping prefer: MG_TEMPERATE], avoid:

Therefor, I added 'property_temperate = 50' to terrain forest. The other
changes are done to set swamps to tropical (see above) and to allow more
forests (see statistics).

I think this changes are mostly included within the patch for bug #15255.


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