Summary: Rework trade route messages
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            Submitted by: jtn
            Submitted on: Sunday 07/02/10 at 17:52
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If you establish a new trade route between two of your cities that causes
another less profitable trade route, also between two of your own cities, to
be cancelled, you get a message like "Sorry, Evo Morales has canceled the
trade route from Cochabamba to your city La Paz" (where "Evo Morales" is
yourself!), which isn't ideal.

I've written a patch for this, which has ended up reworking a bit more than
* Each player that is party to a trade route now gets a message separate from
the "Your Caravan from Springfield has arrived ..." one.
** This was the easiest way to make it clear why cancelations have occurred
(I did look at making it explicit but there were too many combinations).
** However, it's always seemed strange to me that another player can
establish a trade route with one of your cities without you being notified,
so this fixes that.
** ...and it distinguishes between a real trade route creation and an "enter
marketplace" action.
* Messages about the actions of foreign nations have changed from the leader
name ("Evo Morales has canceled ...") to the collective noun ("The Bolivians
have canceled ...") -- since an action by another player can cause two of
your own cities to cancel a domestic trade route, it seems fairly clear that
it's not a centrally controlled process :)

The patch should not change any of the actual gameplay, but I ended up moving
some of the code around so it could stand some review.

Tested against S2_2. Patch also applies cleanly against trunk. Working on a
patch against S2_1, which is slightly different.


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Date: Sunday 07/02/10 at 17:52  Name: S2_2-trade-route-messages.diff  Size:
7kB   By: jtn
S2_2 r16727: rework trade route notification messages


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