Follow-up Comment #2, bug #15394 (project freeciv):

Actually I've changed my mind about the building descriptions -- I think that
descriptions of effects not in a ruleset shouldn't go in its help; it's just
confusing to the majority of players who would never go hacking on a ruleset
file IMO.

As part of the help cleanup I removed references to things that weren't
relevant from the rulesets, e.g. "waste" (= production loss) from the default
rules; when I was new I found such references confusing.

I think the best answer to allow people to play with the new features like
illness is to make the "experimental" ruleset available with appropriate

We could leave a note in comments in the ruleset that there's a health effect
if enabled; probably next to where people will edit, "illness_on", so that
people tweaking the default rules will see it.

Longer-term, I'd like to get more help autogenerated from the effects system,
which would mean this information would automatically appear when appropriate


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