Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15422 (project freeciv):

> Does the packet city_short_info really need that information?
> This packet is used to send cities you cannot see internals. 

This discussions let me think again about my patches; here I found a solution
which works without adding additional network changes. The illness due to
trade is calculated in the server and send to the clients instead of the
illness value which can be calculated in the clients (moving workers changes
the pollution and thus changes the illness due to pollution). One small
problem remains: the illness due to trade is only updated at the start of the
turn ...

I will attach a patch for trunk and a patch for S2_2 (2.2.1).

> Actually, I forgot to mention that it is possible to perform
> such changes in a stable branch. You must then to add in the
> capability string (in a non-mandatory (named
> optional in that file), which doesn't begins with a '+'. Then
> after, you need in packets.def to add 'add-cap(my_new_cap)'
> after the field you want to add, and 'remove-cap(my_new_cap)'
> after the field you want to remove. Remember that the original
> configuration must leave intact, so the changes would affect
> only new clients and new servers, whereas old packets would be
> sent if at least one of them is old. 

I hope that I did this right; if server and client have the 'illness_trade'
capability, illness due to trade will be displayed. The network protocol is
not changed as there is only a renaming of a variable (illness =>

(file #8196, file #8197)

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File name: version2-20100221-S2_2-fix-illness-due-to-trade-S2_2.patch Size:12
File name: version2-20100221-trunk-fix-illness-due-to-trade.patch Size:12 KB


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