Follow-up Comment #11, bug #15422 (project freeciv):

> I dunno what capability are you talking about... As you said,
> you just renamed a field of the packet, so it's not
> a 'change', because neither the size, neither the order of the
> fields has been changed.

Yes there are no changes in the structure of the network packages (only
renaming an integer) but somehow I have to decide if it is an old version,
i.e the value of 'illness' is send over the network, or a new version which
will only send the value of 'illness_trade'. Are there over capabilities than
network capabilities?

> You can add a send_city_info(city_owner(pcity), pcity) after
> it is recalculated. 

I check the code and found the function establish_trade_route() there the
recalculation can be done. Furthermore, the illness is recalculated after
loading a savegame.


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