Follow-up Comment #14, bug #15422 (project freeciv):

> I am not sure to understand but if the value reflects the same
> behaviour that the old one, it doesn't require a capability
> change.

Both variables contain different values; I used the definitions of 'add-cap'
and 'remove-cap'.

=== patch for S2_2 ===

fix illness due to trade (S2_2)

* send illness_trade (illness due to trade) to the clients; this replaces the
variable illness, which is not needed as it will be recalculated each time by
the clients
* activate this function only if the (optional) capability trade_illness is
present in S2_2
* rename some functions
* recalculate illness after loading a savegame or trade route change

Needs an update for the network capabilities!

(file #8204)

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