Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15440 (project freeciv):

> In addition, when I select the appropriate menu, I get the last item, not
the _About Ruleset_ one.

I don't see this, but that's presumably because I'm running Freeciv in

I'm slightly dubious about changing mystrdup(HELP_RULESET_ITEM) to
mystrdup(_("About Ruleset")), as this duplicates the string "About Ruleset"
in two places -- helpdata.c and client/include/helpdlg_g.h, where

Is the right fix not to change all the definitions in helpdlg_g.h from the

#define HELP_RULESET_ITEM "About Ruleset"


#define HELP_RULESET_ITEM N_("About Ruleset")

(and add client/include/helpdlg_g.h to po/ Then you could write

Feels like this is a long-standing issue probably masked by the fact that the
strings defined there are also duplicated across all the clients. (In fact,
since the string "About Ruleset" appears i18n-marked in many clients,
mystrdup(_(HELP_RULESET_ITEM)) should work without marking up helpdlg_g.h.


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