Follow-up Comment #3, bug #15450 (project freeciv):

> How about simply changing the "AD" to "+" and the "BC" to "-"?
> Are there any OSs in which the plus sign is an illegal filename
> character??

'-' is not a problem, I doubt '+' would be one. However, if it has been
changed, there is no reason to return to the old situation.

> On a related note, it seems to me to be overkill to append both
> the turn number and the year to the name. Perhaps we could just
> skip the year?

Same comment.

> According to bug #15090 they should be changed to the
> religiously neutral and scientifically accepted BCE and CE.

The string "AD" and "BC" are not hard-coded here, it just use the value of
the ruleset. So, this is not relevant for this ticket.

I was just thinking something simpler, like removed all non alphanumeric
character from the string translation before appending.


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