Follow-up Comment #8, bug #15347 (project freeciv):

The attached savegame crashes reliably for me at 1680x1050 resolution. The
starting position is towards the top of the map; just right-clicking on the
main map to scroll vaguely downwards is enough to reliably crash it for me.
(Tried most recently with S2_2 r16958 + your patch.)

Interestingly, it doesn't crash reliably in this way at 1280x960 resolution,
although it did once throw up an impressively garbled display followed by a
crash (I'm afraid I have no record of either).

(I also noticed that long diagonal lines generated in stages during scrolling
aren't pixel perfect; they look lumpy and occasionally don't join by a pixel
or so. Maybe that's expected inaccuracy, I haven't tried to analyse the code
at all.)

(file #8307)

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