Summary: Paratroopers can invade territory of nation you're
at peace with, if foggedborders enabled
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            Submitted on: Monday 03/08/10 at 00:08
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...because you can send them somewhere without realising it's within the
peaceful nation's borders, if you have out of date border info.

Savegame attached; Italian paratroopers (added with editor) are in Milano;
drop them to the Forest/Silk to the north-north-east (22,31), which the
Italians think is still within their borders, but is actually Singaporean
(peaceful) territory.

What seems to happen is that the unit ends up safely within the other
nation's borders and can pootle around in there; on exit it can't re-enter,
of course. It's safe from disbanding because remove_illegal_armistice_units()
is only called on the transition into peace. However, I wouldn't like to say
that there's no code that assumes units can't be within peaceful borders.

What _should_ happen in this situation? Diplomatic incident bumping state
from peace to war? Arguably a little harsh -- it can be an honest mistake --
but perhaps it could be argued that one should do adequate reconnaissance
before sending out troops. (My savegame example is a bit peculiar because I
don't even know where my *own* borders are, but a similar situation could
arise even with borders=2.)

Or do we just give a bit of "free" vision update at the planned destination,
print a message, and refuse to drop the unit (perhaps use up its movement
points) -- as if they flew out and came back?

(I think this is peculiar to paratroopers. I'm doing some general work on
paradrops at the moment, which is how I thought of this case. I'm happy to
implement whatever the right answer is. If I don't hear, I'll probably go
with the refuse-to-drop option.)


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