Update of bug #15563 (project freeciv):

                 Summary: Inaccurate Global warming / nuclear winter
percentages di => Inaccurate Global warming / nuclear winter percentages
displayed in client


Follow-up Comment #1:

(Oops, posted before ready.)

The global warming / nuclear winter chance and rate are displayed in the
client as percentages in various popups. However, unlike the real
calculation, the client calculation does not take the map size into account.

As it happens, the numbers displayed are approximately correct as percentages
for the default map size, 4000 tiles. For bigger maps, the percentage
displayed will be too big.

Attached patch should fix it so that 100% really does correspond to a
probability of unity.

(A similar issue applies to client_warming_sprite()/client_cooling_sprite();
however, I've not attempted to fix these, because (frankly) I can't work out
what they're meant to do at the moment. So these will still get more alarmist
with bigger maps.)

(file #8424)

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