Follow-up Comment #5, bug #15563 (project freeciv):

The issue I have with client_warming_sprite()/client_cooling_sprite() is the
following part:

    if (( <= 0) &&
        ( < (NUM_TILES_PROGRESS / 2))) {
      index = MAX(0,;
    } else {
      /* index is based on (/

I read that as:
* If the current risk (globalwarming) is zero (it can't be negative), *and*
the current delta (heating) is small and positive (or zero or negative), then
the icon represents a magnified view of the delta rather than the actual
* Otherwise -- that is, the risk greater than zero or the delta is large and
positive -- the icon represents the current risk (in different units to the
That is, it represents different things at different times, and you can have
a more severe icon with a smaller actual risk.
This doesn't make much sense to me. I haven't tried going back through svn to
see if I can work out why it was implemented this way. I could easily just
switch the icons to being based on (percentage) risk all the time, as you

> Comment to the code: please move variable definition to the start of the
function ('int chance, rate;' in get_info_label_text_popup()).

What's the issue here? (The variables are declared at the start of a block,
so this code is not C99-only.)

> This patch or patch #1505 has to be rebased if the other is committed

Oops, I thought that was in already. Noted.


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