Follow-up Comment #11, bug #15563 (project freeciv):

Thanks for digging into the history, Matthias.

Second version attached:
* Rebased to r17042 (hence reconciled with patch #1505 on trunk)
* Reworked sprites to use same scaling
** Sprites are now entirely based on risk-per-turn (previously they could
display increase-in-risk in some circumstances)
** The first sprite is used only for zero risk
** The other sprites are used linearly, with the highest one kicking in at
about 25% risk
*** Just scaling linearly from 0 to 100% doesn't give enough resolution in
realistic situations. If you've got more than 25% ongoing risk of catastrophe
you're going to know about it in pretty short order, and probably won't ever
even see the sprites as catastrophe will occur and the risk will go back to
*** We can haggle about whether 25% is the right answer. It gives you
different sprites at about 3.6%, 7.1%, and so on, which feels about right. It
also gives a similar scaling to the previous behaviour with a 4000-tile map
(that would be 28%).
** While I'm here, added "NULL != client.conn.playing" check to
client_cooling_sprite(); it's in client_warming_sprite() and other similar
functions, and I don't see what's special about cooling (and equivalent on
* Moved calculation functions to climisc.c

(file #8435, file #8436, file #8437)

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