Follow-up Comment #5, bug #15498 (project freeciv):

before I talk to much nonsens like this

> this should be 'pother_city == NULL' 

I looked again into the code and look long and hard.

> There are similar assertions in S2_2. Why doesn't it fails there? 

trunk is missing the check 'if (pother_city)' for remove_trade_route() which
exists in S2_2 (lines 1283ff in S2_2):

1279  for (o = 0; o < NUM_TRADE_ROUTES; o++) {
1280     struct city *pother_city =
1282     fc_assert_action(pcity->trade[o] == 0 || pother_city != NULL,
1283     remove_trade_route(pother_city, pcity);
1284   }

This check and the fc_assert_*() calls are redundant. The reason for this bug
report was, that the fc_assert_action never executes the action 'continue' ...


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