Summary: Request: Try to Keep Event Scripting API stable
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            Submitted by: englabenny
            Submitted on: fredag 2010-03-12 den 16:44
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As of 2.2 we now have something where people can probably make scenarios with
the event scripting. It is yet quite unexplored, but there should be lots of
possibilities in spite of our scripting's all limitations.

We should consider keeping the API as stable as possible between *major*
Freeciv versions. This is quite simple, adding to the API is always possible.
Changing methods, type's fields or actions should be considered very well
before it is carried out.

I have documented the API (and I think it's correct now) at:

The 2.1 to 2.2 incompatibilities are forgiven, let's start on a new round

At the moment we have only one incompatibility between 2.2 and trunk, one
method of Tile was renamed:

 -- Tile methods
-function Tile:city_exists_within_city_radius(center)
-  return methods_tile_city_exists_within_city_radius(self, center)
+function Tile:city_exists_within_max_city_map(center)
+  return methods_tile_city_exists_within_max_city_map(self, center)

A cursory look suggests that this change was not needed at all. I think this
change should be worked around, and changes like this in the future should be


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