Follow-up Comment #2, bug #15663 (project freeciv):

Trunk is much better, or at least it seems to list all scenarios in working
directory and most importantly in the .freeciv/scenarios directory.

Trunk must be opening all files to read the scenario titles, (and it takes a
long time if you have a lot of savegames in the working directory, but that's
not the common case).


* There is no obvious ordering
* We still list savegames that are not scenarios
* There are many scenarios with duplicate names, or even empty names (blank
lines in the list). This ought to be common if you are editing scenarios in
different versions.

I think the filename should be visible somehow, and used as fallback if the
name is empty. It would be really nice if like-named scenarios were
automatically disambiguated by filename.

It would be nice if a 2.2 bugfix could align a bit more with trunk, with some
of these above concerns addressed as well.

Is it too risky to use a heuristic and try to detect autosave savefiles by
filename only? That way we don't need to decompress & read all autosaves that
we find. Again, this might not be an issue for the common user.


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