Summary: Aifill in Scenarios broken
                 Project: Freeciv
            Submitted by: englabenny
            Submitted on: torsdag 2010-03-25 den 11:44
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                Severity: 3 - Normal
                Priority: 5 - Normal
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                 Release: 2.3
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What I can see, all scenarios with Aifill are broken in trunk (and not in

Testcase: Our default tutorial

Start the tutorial from the client. Client will list one AI opponen, but
server command /list will show empty.

Start the game, press F3 for the nation screen, and the gtk client will even

0: in nation_of_player() [nation.c::268]: This function has NULL nation
0: in nation_of_player() [nation.c::273]: Detected fatal error
0: bad nation
1: in real_die() [shared.c::712]: assertion '0' failed.
1: Please report this message at https://gna.org/projects/freeciv/

However it is not likely a client bug.

All scenarios with aifill that I load initially have an empty /list of
players. If you set aifill higher, AIs are added, but only so many as the
difference between aifill and the original version.

So if Scenario's aifill is 5, and you set aifill 9, the game will start with
4 AI players. If you add AI players this way it does not normally crash.


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