Update of patch #1562 (project freeciv):

         Planned Release:                         => 2.3.0                  
                 Summary: Scripting: Define the equality comparison for API
Types => API: Define convenience functionality for Types


Follow-up Comment #1:

Updated patch. Define equality comparison and string representation.

Define the == equality operator for all API datatypes, so you can
compare objects directly (instead of comparing the id field, which is
of course what the equality operation does).

Define a string representation, so that when printed, userdata types
output something like the following (instead of userdata: 0x0x1080ac48):

  <Government #2 Monarchy>
  <Unit #114>
  <Player #0 Agamemnon>
  <City #137 Agadir>

A single quote (') is removed in a comment, it disturbs syntax
highlighting if you want to view api.pkg in Lua syntax colors.

(file #8673)

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