Follow-up Comment #6, bug #15684 (project freeciv):

I started a new game for this due to changes in the savegame format (variable
city radii):

1. > ./ser -r test.ser

will save 'civgame-T0050-Y-1500BC-auto.sav.bz2'

2. > ./ser -f civgame-T0050-Y-1500BC-auto.sav.bz2

save this file (civgame-T0050-Y-1500BC-manual.sav.bz2)

3. set timeout 0; save civgame-T0050-Y-1500BC-restart

creates the third file

Besides the first savefiles the script test.serv and the diffs are attached

(file #8685, file #8686, file #8687, file #8688)

Additional Item Attachment:

File name: test.serv                      Size:0 KB
File name: civgame-T0050-Y-1500BC-auto.sav.bz2 Size:16 KB
File name: civgame-auto-manual.diff       Size:21 KB
File name: civgame-auto-restart.diff      Size:22 KB


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