Follow-up Comment #14, patch #1330 (project freeciv):

Few comments on the new trunk Gtk city dialog layout on trunk (with default
rules). Generally, I think I like it.
(Any changes from this should probably go in a new ticket)

* Overview tab:
** If the dialog is enlarged vertically, the extra space is wasted. It would
be good if it were used to show either more improvements (as S2_2) or more
* Happiness tab:
** Has lost detailed explanations of which buildings/wonders/etc are
affecting happiness, but there's plenty of horizontal space to the right of
the citizens (and some to the left) even with the minimum dialog size.
(Admittedly the available space decreases with increasing city size, which
would be a problem for a monster city like file #7251, but for normal cities
I think there's plenty of space and in extremis a horizontal scrollbar can be
added as for units on the Overview tab.)
** Also seems a bit sparse ("Info" pane has huge amounts of whitespace), but
not a big issue.


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