Follow-up Comment #3, bug #13709 (project freeciv):

Replying in ticket so discussion can be found from tracker later.

> Is it okay to patch tolua-5.1 to use tolua_outside.
> The implementation is already attached and is relatively
> trivial. This is a feature that makes a lot of sense for
> Freeciv's object oriented C.

> Is it then okay, to add a further feature
> to tolua-5.1?

Obvious disadvantage is that if we start patching tolua, we (and 'we' here
might be group of people in which neither of us remain at the time) have to
maintain those patches when we update to new versions of tolua.
I guess you are the expert here. If you think that pros are bigger than cons,
I'm not objecting such tolua patching.


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