Follow-up Comment #1, bug #15725 (project freeciv):

Here is a plan:

No unsafe functions (should be done)

No NULL pointers and no wild pointers (in progress):
1. We check arguments everywhere. Script functions should try to assure
success or raise a script error.
2. Debug module hidden to disallow access to stuff that we hide (below)

No NULL pointers and no wild pointers (planned):
3. Limit access to the 'tolua' module (tolua.cast etc)
4. Remove access to all the API types' metatables (The table ".get" contains
unprotected C function calls to look up object fields (.id, .name, .owner
etc). Remove access to ".set" (all fields should be read-only, objects will
be mutable by adding methods/setters instead)

Are these goals too ambitious? In particular, item 1 is much more ambitious
than it sounds like. (Depending on the API function of course).


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