Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1446 (project freeciv):

Another idea:

use a ruleset file (see point 4 of comment 1) as 'packet' to transport all
information to the client. This could be done as follows:

* read the current rulesetdir into a ruleset object
* verify the ruleset
* transform it to a secfile (struct section_file)
* use a new function char *secfile_as_string() to get a representation of the
data as one string [1]
* transfer this string (compressed; perhaps more than one packet) to the
* verify the ruleset
* restore the ruleset [2]

Part [1]/[2] can also be used to save/load the ruleset from a savegame.
Perhaps all rulesetdirs should be converted into a ./data/*.ruleset file
(*one* file with the entire ruleset!) at compilation time, i.e only this
files have to be loaded. For ruleset developers the rulesetdir command would
still allow to load a ruleset directory but a (new) freeciv-convert tool can
be used to transform rulesetdirs into a ruleset file.


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