Follow-up Comment #7, patch #1446 (project freeciv):

> [1] Do we need the client parse the ruleset file? I guess it would make a
very big network traffic when someone will connect. It would probably make
on-line games impossible, what do you think? 

I don't know ... If I consider the default ruleset all definition files have
a size of around 225K. Stripping all comments and additional spaces reduce it
to 150K. Now, most data can be packed into tables (like all advances). But, on
the other hand, to use a table all 'default' values have to be included. Thus,
at the end around 150K must be transferred to the client.

Is this much traffic? On-line games impossible? I do not have any data to
compare. That is the size of the all packages currently needed to transfer
the ruleset? Also, the ruleset has to be transferred only once at the start
of the game (or for longturn: start of the turn).

Furthermore, the ruleset data can be split into two parts:
* for_server: only needed in the server; not transferred but has to be saved
in a savegame
* for_game: recalculated each time; transferred to the client but not saved
(i.e. cost for advances, ...)
* nations are _not_ included in this ruleset! Only the names of the nations
available for this ruleset are saved. The data is send separately to the


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