I was interested to see an impressive amount of work done on this
project, and might be interested in contributing something along the
lines of development, testing and/or documentation. I've started to
have a look through the source, to get some idea of what's going on,
and I've been pleasantly surprised that it mostly meets the stated
goal of ANSI compatibility. Having some extensive experience writing
portable C it seems like a useful exercise to learn about what code
does what by making some of the few changes necessary to put it closer
to achieving C89 conformance. Any objections?

I've found some documentation on the Freeciv Wiki discussing
contributions, changes and commits, but it seems a little sketchy in
places, some of the links seem a little out of date, and some of the
discussion forums pointed to seem to have been idle for several years.
Once I have changes to submit, what's the best thing to do with them?
Also, where is a good place to discuss and document changes? User
pages on the Wiki? Here on the development mailing list?

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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