Summary: Freeciv 2.2.1 patches for Mac OS X 10.6.3
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            Submitted on: Friday 06/11/2010 at 02:14 CEST
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Hello there,

attached is a .zip archive with patches to allow the Freeciv 2.2.1 source
archive to compile and run on Mac OS X 10.6.3 (with MacPorts 1.8.2 as
needed). A total of ten files needed to be patched; a summary of the files,
and what was patched in each of them, follows.

1. client/gui-ftwl/chatline.c:

Two casts from pointer to integer were changed from “(int) pointer” to
“FC_PTR_TO_INT(pointer)”; the latter was already #defined in

2. client/gui-ftwl/mapview.c:

A cast from pointer to integer was changed in the same way as the two casts
in the previous patch. Similarly, a cast from integer to pointer was changed
from “(void *) integer” to “FC_INT_TO_PTR(integer)”, with the latter
also already #defined in utility/shared.h.

3. common/ai.h:
4. common/ai.c:
5. server/aiiface.c:
6. server/plrhand.c:

The AI_DEFAULT #define is predefined in <netdb.h> on this system, so the
Freeciv AI_DEFAULT #define in these files was renamed to FREECIV_AI_DEFAULT
to avoid conflict with this system header.

7. utility/ftwl/Makefile.am:

The Freeciv 2.2.1 source archive does not include the be_common_pixels.h file
from this directory; the core reason for this seems to be it not having been
mentioned in the Makefile.am file. To fix this, a new
BACKEND_COMMON_PIXELS_FILES macro was created (which comprises
be_common_pixels.[ch]), and this macro replaced the use of be_common_pixels.c
in the other macros in this file.

8. utility/ftwl/widget_window.c:

The prototypes for my_sort_back_to_front() and my_sort_front_to_back() were
updated to match their use, which in turn allowed the functions to be

9. utility/support.c:

The my_is…() and my_to…() functions had appropriate casts added to allow
clean compilation.

10. utility/inputfile.c:

The read_a_line() function was modified slightly to allow end-of-file in the
registry format files to be recognized properly.

If you have any questions or comments about these patches, please leave a
note associated with this patch file on gna.org, since I don’t often check
e-mail at the address associated with my Gna! login.

Kind regards,



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Date: Friday 06/11/2010 at 02:14 CEST  Name:
Freeciv_2.2.1_patches_for_Mac_OS_X_10.6.3.zip  Size: 5kB   By: None
Freeciv 2.2.1 patches for Mac OS X 10.6.3


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