Follow-up Comment #5, bug #16177 (project freeciv):

It looks ridiculous on the SVG, but in-game, it actually doesn't look so bad.
 Screenshot and modified SVG attached.

Although, there's a few things about this solution: 1) unless I missed it, it
would be the first time a nation's flag would be modified for the game, 2)
Australia and New Zealand have very similar flags, yet both are in the game
(granted they're both countries though), 3) France has an alternate flag, in
its old French flag.  Is there any way for the games when France and Acadia
are both on the map, for France to use the old flag? I guess that might still
confuse some players though. :/  I need to travel back in time and tell them
to pick a more distinctive flag to avoid Freeciv confusion!

(file #9338, file #9339)

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