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I did a check the longturn code base and did a cleanup. Doing this I tried to
uses as many code from trunk as possible. Looking at the patches it is clearly
visible, what needs to be done till longturn can use the mainline freeciv
version. The list of patches includes:

longturn c++ files (newcommers and postgres authentication):
5966b21... [c++] newcommers
dfcc14c... [c++] longturn authentication (postgres)
57b2062... [cleanup for c++] fix color in featured_text
eee70dd... [cleanup for c++] do not use 'class'
b09c016... [cleanup for c++] some magic in specenum
eff3ed1... [cleanup for c++] move struct cf_sequence into c file

longturn 'specials':
69fa738... longturn command level
0d4cbef... start positions
b66d242... rename command
95321a6... player placement hacks
e5c6687... first find unused team

backports from trunk:
3fa4f9d... [backport for S2_2] possibility to lose a tech if it is
0780f01... [backport for S2_2] different checks if a tech is lost
4e35044... [backport for S2_2] Settings to disable the trade of gold, cities
and technologies ported from warclient.
acd42fe... [backport for S2_2] Added 'killunhomed' setting.
8ed6618... [backport for S2_2] Added unitwaittime setting.
aa60b72... [backport for S2_2] Added convenience function for formatting a
time string.

(file #9426)

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