Update of patch #1541 (project freeciv):

                  Status:             In Progress => Ready For Test         
                 Summary: [Metaticket] new savegame format => new savegame


Follow-up Comment #5:

basic support for savegame version 2 with timing

* add saveversion setting
* add content to savegame2.c
* remove all optional capabilities
* sever settings in a separate block
* merge embassy/give_shared_vision into diplstate
* save map data only for alive players
* compatibility framework

How to test it:

apply the patch; rename any savegame as sg-testme.sav and run the attached
script (sg-test.bin)

The old savegame file is used to load/save savefiles for 2.2.x. If debugging
is activated such a file can be created by setting 'saveversion' to -1

(file #9439, file #9440)

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