Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1736 (project freeciv):

>>>President is the default title for democracy, so it's not necessary to set
it as a custom title. What about 'duce' for despotism?<<<

Great ideas! I updated the dispotism governement: "Despotism", _("Duce"),

>>>'conflicts_with' refers to nations that shouldn't appear in the same game
with the nation because of historical anachronisms (Romans) or similar flags
(Irish). There's no reason the Italians shouldn't appear with the Swiss,
Austrian, German or French.<<<

No problem. Ok.. I edited 'conflicts_with', removed the nations (Swiss,
Austrian, German and French) and replaced with Romans.

>>>The number of leaders is somewhat too big now. Could you trim it down to
20-25 names?<<<

No problem. I trimmed the number of leaders to 24 names.

I updated the new italian.ruleset (file #9540).


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