Follow-up Comment #1, patch #1778 (project freeciv):

I don't have time to go in the details just now, but my plans go to quite
different way than this patch.

> * remove ./common/ai.c as it is empty

Empty? What about get_ai_type() and init_ai(). Also, more stuff is coming to

> * move call_incident() into a new file at ./server/advisors
> /advtools.c together with amortize()?

Advisors directory should contain only stuff that helps players, and
call_incident() is not such a function. I'm also going to rewrite
call_incident() soon.
Amortize() move makes sense, and is in my plans also.

> * merge ai.h and into interface.h?

What interface.h? Or do you mean aiinterface.h?
I'm not absolutely sure it would be bad idea in long term, but let's not do
it before we see how ai.[ch] develops.


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