Follow-up Comment #3, patch #1792 (project freeciv):

* Renamed default_ai_init() as fcai_default_setup(). This will be more
correct name after some more patches
* Moved init_ai() call from ai implementation specific fcai_default_setup()
to ai_init() in common server code

> move all code which helps players (autosettler, autoexplorer,
> helper tools like aitools, advisors) into ./server/advisor

Yes, although doing this right requires much more work than simply moving
stuff. Some rewrites are required as well

> the server should only use function from ./server/advisor or
> call the AI via functions pointers; never call AI functions
> directly

This should already be the case after I implemented ai_type and function
pointers in it. This makes it possible to make AI as separately loadable

> the AI should prefer to use functions from ./common over
> functions from ./server (posibility of a client side AI)

I don't see the gain here. Client side AI could use almost no code from
current server side AI. There's no much point in making ai to look like
common code when it still can be used only as server code.

(file #9638)

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