I will be on holiday for the next weeks. Feel free to take over, close, apply 
(the best possibility!) or do thatever you like with any patch from me or 
assigned to me (syntron). I hope I did not create that many bugs by applying 
the new savegame format, the increase map size and the player pointer patches 
with the changes to the team handling (teams as pointers; team names as 

If you have time to review some patches, the dynamic bitvector patch series 
(https://gna.org/patch/?1775) waits to be applied. Especially the changes in 
patch #1773: '[dbv][interface] remove tile:tile_seen' 
(https://gna.org/patch/?1773) affect important code of the client and the 
server. With this patch the memory requirement of the freeciv server is back 
to the values before the increase of the possible map size and the number of 
players (see https://gna.org/patch/?1732). But it is still higher than for 
S2_2 or even older versions.

I will send a second email with some notes about the AI.

Good cooding!

Matthias Pfafferodt - http://www.mapfa.de
Matthias.Pfafferodt <at> mapfa.de

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