Follow-up Comment #2, patch #1803 (project freeciv):

True. I didn't know how to add gzip capabilities to my program, I'll try to
add it for future versions if people interested.
At least, I have verified that non-compressed scenarios do work in Freeciv,
so compression is only an improvement.

Wrap: I forgot to import the [map] options from the Freeciv scenario, I'll
release v0.2 when I fix it.

Rivers: in Civ4 if you place rivers in adjacent tiles, you can decide which
rivers will be shown connected and which not. That is why Civ4 scenarios
include much more tiles with rivers. If you'd import an scenario with less
rivers, I guess it would appear better in Freeciv. However, I like those map
full of rivers, I even see them more realistic.
It is only a visual issue, same than when you see mountains in adjacent tiles
joined to each other, instead of seing mountain ranges. It is good enough for

The option S-W simply would move all the rivers 1 tile to South and 1 tile to
the West compared to N-E. It also affects the capability of some rivers to
reach the sea that is imo the main problem of the conversion from civ4 to

Thank you for your tests and comments.


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