Follow-up Comment #1, patch #1780 (project freeciv):

Please be more verbose with your patch submissions. This should tell us how
behavior is changed - it's far from obvious even when reading the patch (and
often I don't have time to read patches but can only comment on patch

It seems to me that one of the calls to could_unit_move_to_tile() instead of
can_unit_move_to_tile() was actually a bug, since it was immediately followed
by unit_move_handling().
It's not so obvious that the other caller doesn't need the "potential zoc"
checking of could_unit_move_to_tile().

Call that I'm certain we can remove is the only one in server common code, so
our goal of removing direct call from server to ai can be fulfilled anyway.

Comment you are changing is certainly wrong after your change: "see also
aiunit can_unit_move_to_tile()" can_unit_move_to_tile() is in movement.c, not
in aiunit.


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