On 3 August 2010 12:37, Matthias Pfafferodt <free...@mapfa.de> wrote:
> The 'remove *' patches (see patch #1780 to #1790) are as independent as
> possible. Perhaps you have to move the definition of the new function
> pointers but else they only try to remove dependencies of the server code on
> code in ./ai by moving some functions or by defining new function pointers
> (for saving/loading ai data from savegames). Sometimes they only remove the
> header file as no real dependency exists.

Most of them add "interface.h" include and use stuff from there.
Interface stuff is not yet committed. They also use your macros - and
fail to use my macros where appropriate.

Maybe I should post my versions of the patches in your tickets that
most closely resembles the patch in question, but there really is not
much actual code in your patches I could use (short of those patches I
already committed).

 - ML

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