Follow-up Comment #5, patch #1803 (project freeciv):

I suggested to syntron the possibility to add this "import" feature into
freeciv map editor, but he said it is complicated because the map is
generated in the server and the editor moddifies it in the client (if I
He suggested to create some kind of lua script. But I do not know lua
programing, only c and java. I chose java due to multiplataform support.
My intencion when I upload it here was that maybe people here could upload it
to the /freeciv/contrib/utils/ section, where I already found another java
tool. Or you can import my code to freeciv or lua script, whatever you find

I asked in the forum about possible legality issues before sharing it.
Thinking about it, it is the same than OpenOffice can import MSOffice files.
I guess it should be legal. Note I did not cracked any Civ4 map info, they
are plain txt files with similar information than freeciv files.

I already took some few compromise decisions to create the current importer,
and I think the result is very playable. In fact, I find some imported maps
better than some default freeciv maps.

About rivers, I understand the effect over gameplay, and I see it could be an
issue for some people. I mean that the imported freeciv map includes the same
ammount of rivers than the original civ4 map, and the difference is only
As I said, I enjoy playing maps with lots of rivers, and people who do not
like them still can try to import civ4 maps where there are less rivers.

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