On 6 August 2010 05:25, David Lowe <doctorjl...@verizon.net> wrote:
>        I maintain the port of freeciv within the 'fink' packaging system on 
> OSX.  Where can i look to get a rough estimate of when the next release will 
> be made available?  I'm currently trying to decide if it will be worth my 
> while to > incorporate some of the 2.2.3 patches into my 2.2.2 build.

2.2.3 will be released when there is enough bugfixes to justify it.
There is no date set.

Number of bug reports for S2_2 branch is relatively low, so it
probably takes some time before 2.2.3 will be released.

Development branch, that will become 2.3.x, is another matter completely.

 - ML

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