Summary: Should RiverNative units be able to move diagonally
/ cross-continent, as currently?
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Observations on playing with "experimental" ruleset on trunk (but presumably
affects implementation of RiverNative on S2_2 too):

Currently, RiverNative units (Triremes) can always move diagonally between
river squares. This is unlike the effects of rivers on land units, which are
governed by river_move_mode, which is usually set to require movement
strictly along rivers (prohibiting diagonal movement).

As well as reducing movement costs, if two river sources are diagonally
adjacent, this allows a Trireme to go from one side of a continent to another
along rivers. This seems excessively powerful.

Question 1: should RiverNative be influenced by river_move_mode (or by a
separate but similar enumeration in the ruleset), or should it stay as it

Secondly, it's possible for cities adjacent to (not on) river squares to
produce RiverNative units. This implies that such units can move through such
cities. This makes it possible in some circumstances for a city to "bridge"
two rivers to allow cross-continent movement. Even if we fix diagonal
movement, there will still be circumstances where this is possible.

Question 2: should cities have to be *on* a river square in order to
produce/contain RiverNative units? (Combined with 1, I think this would plug
the cross-continent hole.)

Question 3: if we are changing this, should we change it on S2_2 also? Are
there any significant rulesets which use RiverNative yet which would be upset
by such a change?

I had a look at the original ticket where this was implemented (RT #40396
<http://bugs.freeciv.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=40396>) and didn't find any
rationale in this area.


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