Follow-up Comment #3, bug #16387 (project freeciv):

I expected the pillaging to complete before the pillager dies. I might have
confusion about the 'goto' command: because the turn change refills the
movement points of the attacker, I expected the attacker to move _after_ the
turn change. Because the turn change completes the pillaging, I expected the
attacker to kill the pillager _after_ the pillager pillages. If I
misunderstand the usage of movement points at turn change, then this bug
might not be a bug.

The pillager has more than 0 movement points, because the player can cancel
the pillaging action and move the unit before the turn ends.

I think that there is bug if the 'go to' command allows a unit perform a move
that is not normally possible. Because a normal move cannot kill the pillager
before the pillager pillages, I assume that a 'go to' move must not kill the
pillager before the pillager pillages.


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