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On 11 Aug, 2010, at 10:04 AM, Ulrik Sverdrup wrote:

>>> For freeciv I think we only have:
>>> * .freecivrc-2.2   as configuration in ~/.config/freeciv-2.2/  (?)
>>> * User savegames, tilesets, maps etc as user data in
>>> ~/.local/share/freeciv-2.2/  (?)
>>> * No cache files (?)
>>        Of course there are portability issues, too.  On OSX, .freecivrc-2.2 
>> is instead saved as ~/.freeciv-client-rc-2.2; saves go under ~/.freeciv/; 
>> and the server history file [could reasonably be seen as a cache] is 
>> currently ~/.civserver_history but will soon be renamed.  FWIW, data, IMHO, 
>> absolutely does not belong in the home folder.  By default it goes in 
>> /usr/local/share/freeciv/ or whatever equivalent is available to the OS in 
>> question.  Putting tilesets, etc. in your home folder mean that users of 
>> other accounts can't play.  Of course, it's possible to  duplicate that 
>> stuff.  However, not only would that require needless waste of hard drive, 
>> but there isn't even a convenient way to do so unless the user of the first 
>> account makes his directory readable to all...
> User data refers to data installed by the user itself -- tilesets etc
> for non-admin or lazy users, and savegames. Data included with the
> game itself is not part of this.
> Mac OS X has its own best practices and AFAIK we would have a table
> something like this:
> XDG   |  OS X
> ~/.config/freeciv |   ~/Library/Preferences/freeciv
> ~/.local/share/freeciv |  ~/Library/Application Support/freeciv
> ~/.cache/freeciv  |  ~/Library/Caches/freeciv

        I can live with that.  One question: since it is likely that at some 
point in the future we will have incompatible changes to the savefile format, 
should they be intermingled in ~/.local/share/freeciv/ , or should that 
directory be sub-divided according to version?

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