Follow-up Comment #5, bug #16308 (project freeciv):

Thank you George. Then I guess the best option for now is to use the Great
Wall effect of default ruleset.

I have noticed another possible bug similar to this one. When I use the
requeriment "Special", "River", "Adjacent" in my rulesets, it seems to return
always false, even when the city is placed near or over a river.

This code from effects.ruleset never works (it is supposed to give aqueduct
bonus in cities near rivers):

name    = "Size_Adj"
value   = 4
reqs    =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Special", "River", "Adjacent"
nreqs   =
    { "type", "name", "range"
      "Building", "Aqueduct", "City"

I do not open a new topic in case I'm doing something wrong and there is no


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